Rule 13 Password Game: Current Phase of the Moon Emoji Solution


Rule 13 of The Password Game requires you to include the current moon phase as an emoji. If you’re not sure about the moon’s phase, don’t worry! We have a guide to help you. We’ll tell you which moon emoji to use. Alternatively, there’s a cheat that guarantees the correct answer without any effort.

What emoji to use for the current phase of the moon in The Password Game

To find the emoji for the current moon phase in The Password Game, search “What phase of the moon today?” on Google. The answer will be at the top of the page. Then, simply insert the correct emoji from the list below into your password:

New Moon: 🌑

Waxing Crescent Moon: 🌒

First Quarter Moon: 🌓

Waxing Gibbous Moon: 🌔

Full Moon: 🌕

Waning Gibbous Moon: 🌖

Last Quarter Moon: 🌗

Waning Crescent Moon: 🌘

Alternatively, you can cheat. It’s important to note that Rule 13 of The Password Game doesn’t require including only the emoji of the current moon phase. In fact, you can add all the moon emojis to meet the requirement:


Simply copy and paste the line above, and you’ll fulfill Rule 13 in The Password Game.

However, if you want to make things more complicated, you can step outside as night falls and determine the current moon phase yourself. Look up at the night sky, compare what you see with the moon emojis, and select the right one. This method not only satisfies Rule 13 but also adds an element of exploration and fun to The Password Game. Who knows? You might even develop a fascination for astronomy along the way. Just remember, whether you choose the easy method, the cheat, or the adventure, the most important thing is to enjoy the game!


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