Rule 9: Password Game Which Roman Numerals Multiply to 35?


Rule 9 of The Password Game requires you to use Roman numerals that multiply to 35. To solve this rule, you need to know how multiplication works and have knowledge of Roman numerals. Luckily, there are only two correct answers for this rule, so there are only two ways to meet the requirement.

Which Roman numerals can be multiplied to get 35 for Rule 9 of The Password Game?

The only Roman numerals that multiply to 35 are “V” (5) and “VII” (7), or “XXXV” (35) and “I” (1). To fulfill Rule 9, you must enter these Roman numerals as capital letters. However, keep in mind that if you capitalize any of the following letters in your password, they will be counted as Roman numerals, and you won’t meet the requirements for Rule 9:








Rule 9 may seem complicated at first, but when you look at the factors of 35, you’ll see that it’s actually easy to figure out:





This means there are only two possible answers:

5 x 7 35 x 1 These are the only two multiplication equations that equal 35.

The tricky part about following Rule 9 in The Password Game is that Roman numerals are represented by letters. So, if you add a letter for another rule and capitalize it, you’ll break Rule 9. However, there’s a simple solution. Unless a rule specifically asks for a capitalized letter, you can use lowercase letters. For example, “V” is considered a Roman numeral, but “v” is not. So, if you’re having trouble, just make sure all the letters in your password are lowercase, except for the ones you’re using for Rule 9.

Mastering password creation through The Password Game not only involves understanding numbers but also being clever with letter case. Rule 9 is a unique test that challenges your math skills and attention to detail. Enjoy the challenge!


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